April, 2005
April 10-15 & 16-17, 2005

It took a few days, but we ended up warming up to Sucre.  It has the interesting distinction of being the co-capital of Bolivia, principally because the Supreme Court is located there.  However, it still has a very small town feel, and at first seemed almost too small to spend a week in. 

We came with the main intention of studying Spanish for a week, but we didn't have too much else on the agenda.  We arrived on a Sunday night, and everything seemed to be closed at 8 pm.  It was a little hard to find anything good ot eat, and our hotel room had the distinct smell of cat pee.  Suffice to say, Sunday night wasn't much fun.

However, things really improved the next day.  Our school turned out to be great, was very close to our hotel, and both were located just off of the main plaza, where most of the good shops, and restaurants are located.  We also switched to Room 18 at the Grand Hotel, which our guide book wisely recommended to ask for.  It is essentially a little apartment at the same price as all of the other rooms, about 15$.  This changed the whole experience, especially once we recognized that the hotel also had a nice restaurant with great service.

The weather in Sucre is fantastic as well.  So, after school in the morning we would spend the afternoon looking at all of the colonial architecture in the city, and studying at quaint cafes.  In particular, Recoletta, which is a hill overlooking the city has a beautiful plaza, as well as a great hill top cafe associated with the museum.  The food and juices were delicious, and it was the perfect way to study in the sun with a great birdseye view of the city. 

Among other highlights, Sucre, and Bolivia in general, is very cheap; probably the cheapest country we have been to.  As such, we had a lot of very nice meals for next to nothing.  It was nice to have a full meal, and cocktails for 10$.  Acclimating back to US prices is definitely going to be tough though.

In a final, "you have to be traveling for this long to understand this," note, we found a great restaurant/bar, the Joy Ride Cafe, which had a very nice movie theatre set up.  We watched The Usual Suspects, and Kill Bill II, which were such a nice American culture diversion.  Trust us, you need them now and again!
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