March, 2005
March 8 - 11, 2005

Here's the thing about Maraseis; it would be a great relaxed, high end, beach town destination to spend a family vacation, or to visit with a bunch of friends.  The beach is gorgeous, apparently gets some good surf, and has several beautiful looking hotels on the beach. 

However, we made a few mistakes that tainted the experience.  First, we bussed it there.  The drive is gorgeous, but super windy and takes close to 5 hours, which wasn't too much fun.  The better option is to rent a car and make the drive in 2-3 hours.  Second, we went during the week, when it is virtually a ghost town.  There was not too much to do, and even most of the restaurants seemed to be closed.  Apparently the weekends are great though.  Third, though not our fault, the waves were virtually non existent, but hey, can't do anything about that!  Fourth, and the biggest mistake of all was related to the first mistake.  Being car less, we had to bus iy out of Maraseis to Rio.  Ouch!!

To take a bus from Marseis to Rio, requires three local busses to Ubatuba, and then another 8 hour bus to Rio.  Painful!!  Granted, we did this every other day in a lot of Central America, but we had kind of removed ourselves from that mind set.  At any rate, Mareseis is definitely a future planned vacation destination, but suffice to say, we were pretty excited when we finally got to Rio.

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